Trust The Path: Darkness to light in a 1/4 mile

I was living my pretty, perfect life; married, raising three kids in my big beautiful house… you know the white-picket-fence thing, but I was oblivious to the fact that little-by-little, year-by-year, I was slipping away from me. Who I was. What I wanted. What I needed.

The day my husband threw “I’m not happy” at me was like a sledgehammer shattering my perfect life. In that instant, the life I knew was over.

The many months, and sadly years, that followed were of complete wreckage. The unraveling of information was devastating. I was wounded and raw, trying to lick the wounds of my divorce road rash. I was stripped of my life, my dignity and my happily ever after.

But for me this was NECESSARY. With the passage of time and the gift of retrospection I realized that the hardest part wasn’t the divorce, the hardest part was healing me.

This is when the real work began and when the tiny glimmers of love, light, and truth began weaving their way into every aspect of me, my life, my path.

Accountable. Vulnerable. Genuine. Naked. Trust The Path is my story, my personal hell… and my ultimate unveiling.

Book Details:

  • Category: Non-fiction, memoir/narrative
  • Genre: Inspirational Biography / Autobiography
  • Word count: Approximately 34,208 words.
  • Completion: First draft complete.
  • Tone: A raw, conversational, stream of consciousness written in a journal-style format.
  • Target: Primary audience is women embarking on a divorce (426,000yearly); Secondary audience is women faced with personal trauma; identity crisis; mid-life crisis or empty nest.
  • Theme: Similar to Eat, Pray, Love as it is a personal journey of self-discovery. However, my personal journey unfolded close to home – within ¼ mile from where it began.
  • Speaking and Promotion: This healing process has enabled me to develop a blueprint of my process and the tools that resonated with me, empowered me and ultimately healed me. This knowledge, coupled with my communication/speaking skills, is the foundation that will enable me to share my story and encourage others to discover their path and process.


Table of Contents:

Section 1: The Beginning

Chapter 1: Love

 Section 2: Derailed

Chapter 2: Love

Chapter 3: The Gray Area

Chapter 4: Denial

Chapter 5: Foreshadowing

Chapter 6: Shut Down

Chapter 7: Who Am I

Chapter 8: Self-Worth

 Section 3: Swirling

Chapter 9: Perfect Perfect

Chapter 10: Time To Tell

Chapter 11: Whew That Was Fast

Chapter 12: It Was Just Over

Chapter 13: Just Me

Section 4: Is This Really My Reality

Chapter 14: Him

Chapter 15: The Other

Chapter 16: Her

Chapter 17: Betrayal

Chapter 18: Evil vs. Love

Chapter 19: Unaffected

Chapter 20: Are You Happy Yet

Chapter 21: Fringe

Chapter 22: Kids

Chapter 23: Casualties

Section 5: Uncovering Myself

Chapter 24: I Didn’t Matter

Chapter 25: My Heart

Chapter 26: Foretelling

Chapter 27: Stifled

Chapter 28: My Process

Chapter 29: My Body

Chapter 30: Boundaries

Chapter 31: Learning To Love Myself

Chapter 32: Unidentified

Chapter 33: The Mirror

Chapter 34: Tired

Chapter 35: Openness

Chapter 36: True Pink

Chapter 37: My Bubble My Wall

Chapter 38: The Right Way

Chapter 39: I’m Dating Me

Section 6: Letting the Light In

Chapter 40: Ah Ha

Chapter 41: Kool-Aid

Chapter 42: Karma

Chapter 43: My Heart. My Love

Chapter 44: Moving On

Chapter 45: New Way New Me

Chapter 46: Blind Faith

Chapter 47: My Power

Chapter 48: Perfect Gets Real

Chapter 49: Heavy

Chapter 50: I Believe

Chapter 51: I See

Chapter 52: All You Need Is Love

Chapter 53: Perfect Gets Real

Chapter 54: Return My Pieces

Section 7: Inspired Action

Chapter 55: Love, Strength, Courage, Forgiveness, Trust, Truth

Chapter 56: So It Is

Chapter 57: Walk the Walk

Chapter 58: Celebrations of Life

Chapter 59: Finding Peace

Chapter 60: My Vow

Section 8: The Finale

Chapter 61: She + He

Chapter 62: The Pattern Continues

Chapter 63: Happily Ever After

Chapter 64: Prince Charming

Chapter 65: The End The Beginning


Chapter 67: My ‘Man’

Chapter 68: Unwritten

Chapter 69: Me

Chapter 70: Positive Chaos

Chapter 71: I am I can

Chapter 72: Trust




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