The Book

Trust The Path – the book – documents my journey as I navigated my personal crisis of self and how I found healing, spirit, purpose, and truth.

A difficult divorce rocked me to my core. I was dark, desperate and lost. Part of my process of healing was writing. I wrote everywhere, on everything; journals, post-its, napkins, scrap pieces of paper. And it didn’t stop there I voice-recorded myself, day after day and tear after tear. It was my way of working through the tornado of emotions I was living in and consumed by. Writing was my way of setting free my internal dialog. By putting words to my emotions it allowed me to feel heard… but more importantly feel acknowledged.

One day I began gathering all the journal entries, post-its, napkins and scattered notes and began typing them into my Mac. I was driven, yet to realized what I was doing. I then started dictating my voice recordings and adding them into the document. Next, I began organizing all these disparate entries into sections… and that’s when it hit me; “OMG, I’m writing a book! NO! Why would I do that? I don’t want to do that!” But I couldn’t stop.

I have always known my path IS to tell my story. But, I was tortured by what the exposure of this book would mean for me and those that were part of that story. It haunted me. Then my answer – truth. If I tell my truth, my story, as seen through my eyes and told through my voice, my truth will be freed.

I now know it is my path is to tell my story. My truth. And for me to be the best version of me, it is my purpose to expose this dark side of me and my journey. It is my job to be vulnerable for all that don’t know how. Trust The Path is a story of discovery and hope. My documentation of every step along my path from devastation to the ultimate unveilment of true me.

“The truth will set you free,” quoted by many.

The first draft of the manuscript is complete and I am seeking literary representation and ultimately a publisher. Learn more.


The Website

After I authored the book, Trust the Path, I realized that it was not only was it a book… but it is a website that will connect like-minded people. Some will just read the stories featured and others will be empowered to write because they too have stories to tell.

Trust the Path was created to be an outlet for my writing but more importantly to be a resource and/or an outlet for others as they navigate through their journey.

The seven sections of this site mirror the seven categories of my life that make sense to me:

  • Divorce + Dating
  • Inspiration + WooHoo
  • Fashion + Style
  • Marketing + Branding
  • Writing + Poetry
  • Wellness + Wellbeing
  • Love + Kindness.

Calling all that have a voice

Trust the Path is for you too. Let this site be your voice. Your account of your life.

Write under your name or a pen name. Write under one category or many. Choose to have your pieces public or private.

Isn’t it time you harness your truth?

Learn more about becoming a Trust the Path writer!