Inspiring Shes: Power. Inside & Out.

Inspiring Shes is a collaborative collection of seven chapters written by seven women with the common goal of motivating, inspiring and empowering women to attain their truest and best version of themselves.

“Directing and producing a co-authored book speaks to my philosophy of empowering women, inside and out,” 
– Tricia Mahoney

Chapters include:

  • The Power of Self: by Tricia Doyle Mahoney, Style & Inspiration Guru
  • The Power of Intent: by Nora Cabrera, Money & Business Coach
  • The Power of Spaces: Wendy Sippel, Owner, The Lone Arranger
  • The Power of The Body: by Dr. Jennifer Beights, Wholistic Healing Chiropractic
  • The Power of Image: by Lisa Avila, Image Consultant
  • The Power of Patterns: by Brizel Granados, Master Numerologist
  • The Power of Balance: by Stacey Stier, Owner, Bikram Yoga North Texas

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