Pain | Growth

We don’t choose the pain, but we choose the growth that comes from it.

Growth comes from Pain.

We don’t have a choice.

We are dealt as we are dealt.

The type of pain,

when it arrives,

and the form it comes in.

It is not ours to choose.


What you do get to choose,

is the growth that comes from it.

That is YOUR choice.

You can…

accept and move forward,

or to fight and stay stuck.

Noone chooses pain or wants the painful shit that comes with it…

because it’s shitty.

And most often you get served what you have not asked for.

And it is not want you want.

But what you get,

is likely…

what you need.

And what is needed.

It is served to you…

to get you to your next step…

or to get you back on your path.

But know,

every step on your path is yours to walk.

And is necessary.

Your path is your path and only your path.

It is unique to you.

Only you know your path.

And only you can walk your path.

Focus on you.

Your path.

Your next step.

And remember,

be gentle with yourself.

Not all your steps will be easy or fast.

And soley focus on  your path…

because others paths are a distration from what you are meant to do!

Be strong. Be kind. Be gentle. Be grateful. Be forgiving. Be loving. Be courageous.

Trust. And follow your Truth.


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