It starts inside,

That is where the work begins.

It’s not about the ta-da of the outside world.

It’s not about the facade or how you fasly portray.

Does that make you feel better?

More important?

More interesting?

What are you looking for?

Is the real you not the you you want to see?

Why not just be?

Take down the walls, the image, the shinny.

And be free.

For what I have found and continue to be reminded is I am my best me.

Even when I have fallen.

Because my best me is all of me.

And what I have found is that most are not impressed with the impressive… they are impressed with the mess that turned into better.

It’s about being real.

Being honest.

Being vulnerable.

Owning my failures… which really aren’t failures… they are just path adjustments getting you back where you belong.

Moving from shame and blame to grace and forgiveness.

Knowing when to remove the unwanted as they crave drama, desruction and demise.

I am not interested in that way of living.

I choose to lift me and those that I love.

I live with positivity, love and optomism because I am my best me when I embrace and embody this way of being.

I choose to never stop seeking but always obey ‘order’ as it is on thier time… not mine.

It is time.

I am ready.

Let’s begin.

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