Where are you?

I think of you every day.

Wishing you were here.

Wanting you by my side.


Who you are?

Where you are?

Why you’re not here?

What will you look like?

Smell like?

Taste like?

Sound like?

Feel like?

Dreaming of what I think might be you.

And being disappointed date after date when it’s not you.

I always wonder if I’m ready.

Yet, I know I am.

I have been getting ready for you for years.

But what if you’re not ready.

And making it ok if you’re not.

Offering up my help.

My experience.

My light.

Because I know how to see through the dark.

I have learned how.

I can show you.

Teach you.

Share my light,

my gifts, and

my knowledge.

All I know is I want you.

Here with me.


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