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Trust the Path is a raw, emotional story of self-rediscovery and the journey through my divorce and navigating my broken spirit, purpose, and truth. Seeking literary & screen representation.

The Blog

The blog is a destination for those navigating their own healing journey. It features an extenstive range of topics including relationships, inspiration, and wellness.


Tricia Mahoney, author of Trust the Path, is available for speaking engagements. Sharing her process and tools, Tricia helps others embark on their own path towards healing and purpose.

The path to self-rediscovery

Trust the Path is my story of navigating personal crisis and how I found healing, spirit, purpose, and truth along the way.

A difficult divorce rocked me to my core. I was dark, desperate, and lost. Part of my healing process was writing. It was my way of working through the tornado of emotions I was consumed by and setting free my internal dialog. By putting words to my emotions it allowed me to feel heard and acknowledged. This book and screenplay details my journey to personal truth and the realization that sometimes the path back to oneself starts in the most unlikely places.

Hi, I’m Tricia

Trust the Path is many things for me. It’s my motto, source of inner truth, and future.

After I authored the book, Trust the Path, I realized that it wasn’t only a book… but a call to connect like-minded people. Trust the Path was created not only as an outlet for my writing, but more importantly to be a resource for others as they navigate their own journey. My hope is that some will read the stories featured and others will be empowered to write because they too have stories to tell.