Prince Charming

I love you.

But I am not in love with you.

I deserve the first impression you, not the real you that seeped through.

The persona you wooed me with in the midst of the grander of it all.

You swept in.

And knocked the everything out of me.

You drew me in with all your chivalry, attentiveness and connectedness.

You made me feel, feelings I’ve never felt before.

You made me beautiful, desired and all yours.

It was so beautiful, when it was beautiful.

But when you had no more words to say.

Everything we had fell away.

Because I had learned before and harshly needed to learn again with you…

One does not make a pair.

So again I find myself on my own.

All alone.

But this time the hurt didn’t last as long.

And I am stronger than I was before.

In the past I have surrendered me… when I should have embraced me.

I have done a disservice to all the men I have had in my life.

Because I did’t stay me.

I willinging became the me I thought I should be.

And that was wrong… of me.

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