Journaling, Letters & Affirmations

The Power of Words

Putting words to paper is powerful. It can release thoughts that need to go, expose truths and validate things that you already knew. It clarifies intent. It stakes a claim. It carves a path.

Putting words to paper is powerful. It can release thoughts that need to go, expose truths and validate things that you already knew. It clarifies intent. It stakes a claim. It carves a path.

This process of discovery has taught me who I am and who I want to continue to be. It has opened my eyes to a new way of thinking, living and believing.

I was stuck.

I was hurt.

I was angry.

I was confused.

Letters & Affirmations were, and still are, a HUGE part of my self-healing and building process.

I was stuck between who I had become and who I wanted to be. I was hurt by those closest to me. I was angry about how it all unfolded. I was confused about whom I once was, who I had become, who I wanted to be and how the hell I was going to get there.

I didn’t know how to move forward. I only knew the patterns that I had adopted. This is when I began journaling, writing letters and stating affirmations.



Reflective writing meant only for you.

It’s raw. Pure. Your words. Your deepest emotions. Poured onto the pages. Sometimes there are tears. Other times, deeply carved words that have ripped through the pages.

Journaling is therapy. A way to release. Journaling has been a key element on my path of inner healing and growth.

To be done effectively there are a few guidelines:

  1. Pen (or pencil) to paper – a critical element is the connection between the brain and hand
  2. This is not a diary – this is not pretty, perfect words, it is a stream of consciousness, meant to tap the inner most raw parts of you
  3. The most important part – DO NOT STOP WRITING. When you first begin if your hand doesn’t furiously begin writing begin by writing “I don’t know what to write, I don’t know what to write…” as fast as your hand will write and write it over and over until the pen takes over. No thinking! This is not about crafting the pretty, perfect… it’s about tapping the raw.
  4. Be prepared. It might get messy. When you begin, be sure you are alone and will not be interrupted. Give yourself time and permission to be free. If the words get raw and/or emotions take over, vs. kind to yourself and know that you’re starting to heal.
  5. Be patient. It can take time for the words to emerge. Keep trying. You are worth the wait and worth the effort!
  6. It’s private – for your eyes only. Keep your journal where it won’t be found by anyone else.
  7. Journaling is about releasing but it is also about acknowledgement and taking responsibility for yourself.



Crafted words meant for you or another.

Letter writing allows you to select words exactly as you want them to be received to communicate your message clearly.

I have written letters to myself to forgive and encourage.

I have written letters to others – some were mailed, others were discarded. A few were burned. Some letters were meant to release pent up feelings, unspoken words and raw anger, some to clearly communicate my viewpoint and others to give thanks and gratitude for lessons learned.

Writing a letter is very powerful. It allows words to be spoken on your terms, in your voice without actually speaking.



Sound bites that state an intent.

Affirmations are one of my favorite tools. I use them daily. I recite them standing in front of the mirror looking into my own eyes. I write them everywhere but my favorite spot is my bathroom mirror. I fill it up, add to it then erase when I’m done. It is a work in progress. Fluid. Moment to moment. They are an amazing guide for me to state and follow through with an intention. It’s a constant reminder of what I want, who I want to be and what I am striving for.


Your Inspired Action

Who needs a letter? Are there word not yet said? Words that keep you stuck. Things that need to get set straight. Through my healing

Through my healing process I have written many letters. Some have been mailed, some burned and other tied to a balloon and set free to The Universe. Letters to myself for forgiveness, encouragement, and empowerment. Letters to others of gratitude, right-setting intent. And many sent to The Universe stating my intent and desire.

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