Lost & Broken

As the years passed I thought I was living the life of my dreams: raising my beautiful children, running my business, living my life.

But reflection is amazing, isn’t it?

With years behind me and wisdom gained I now look back over the span of these years and realize that little by little, year by year, I slipped away from me.

Who I was.

What I wanted.

What I needed.

My dreams.

My goals.

My aspirations.

I got lost.

I was gone.

And I was oblivious… to the abandonment of my self.

The day my husband said “I’m not happy.” was like a sledgehammer shattering my perfect life. At that moment the life I knew was over. On that day a part of me died, along with my marriage.

The many months, and sadly years, that followed were of complete wreckage. The unraveling of information was devastating. I was wounded and raw, trying to lick the wounds of my divorce road rash.

I was stripped of my life, my dignity and my happily ever after.

But for me this was NECESSARY.

With the passage of time and the gift of retrospection I realized that the hardest part wasn’t the divorce…

The hardest part was ME!

Healing me.

The chilling revelation that I had willingly abandoned my dreams and myself (what I thought was) for the good of my family was sobering.

I was wrong.

I was selfless, to the point of destruction.

The free fall of my existence began.

I was lost.

Searching for who I was.

What I wanted.

How I would rebuild.

This is when the real work began and I discovered the critical need for inner health:

Love, Strength, Courage, Gratitude, Forgiveness, Trust & Truth.

I was determined to find my way, my path. ME.

The process has been all-encompassing and often paralyzing but what I know now is that there is much more to life and much more to me.

Months and months have passed and I am now years beyond my old life and the old me.

These have been hardest years of my life but devastation has given me, ME.

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