Aspire + Inspire

Aspire & Inspire — two of my favorite words. They go hand and hand. When you aspire to be the BEST you by default inspire you and those around you.

Again it goes back to love. If you love yourself. Listen deep. Stay true and Follow your path you will be inspired and aspire to execute your purpose. Small or large it does not matter.

Start small.

One of my most favorite exercises is to give. There are many many ways of giving, but if you really want to feel good and make a difference – here are a couple of ideas to get you started!

  • Going through the toll booth on the highway – pay for the next car(s) behind you. (this works at any drive-through – coffee, dry cleaning, food, etc)
  • At the store, offer to buy the groceries for the person behind you.
  • Hold the door for someone.
  • Offer to help an elderly shopper unload his/her groceries into their car and return the cart for them.
  • If you know of someone in your community going through a rough time – find a way to anonymously give.
  • When you can spare a few (or more than a few) dollars… open your window at that traffic light lovingly give to the person on begging on the street corner… without judgment and without a contingency of how the money will be spent… just give!

Story: I get my nails done regularly. I found out that there was a woman, a client of the salon, that too gets her nails done regularly and has been doing so for a long time. She is going through a very rough divorce, money is tight and she has decided that she no longer can afford her nails. She is heartbroken, she loves her nails and is in a very sad place with all that she is going through. I decided to donate money anonymously for her to continue to have her nails done for a number of visits. It was very important to me that she not know who I was other than to know that someone cared about her. It is very powerful when you have a stranger give to you.

Story: One of my friends knows my beliefs about giving. I shared the idea of paying for groceries and she tried a few times but was challenged with judging what they had in their cart and if the looked like they deserved help. We had a few conversations about it and how one of the most important steps is not to judge and not look for recognition. Well, she did it. She bought groceries for an elderly couple at Walmart. She said she just felt amazing and the reaction from the clerk and the couple was shock and then gratitude. When she told me her story she said “I get it. It has nothing to do with me. I didn’t judge. I’m going to do that once a month.” What was more amazing was that she had her children with her and what a great lesson of giving and love.

We all have the power to give.

And giving does not always mean money.

Give anyway you can.

Give your time, knowledge, appreciation, money – whatever it may be, just give.

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