Energetic Awakening

Totaly surrendering. For what is to be. For I am to become. This new me.

I release all that that no longer serves me. Knowing that those that know better are driving for me.

I have done my part and for this part of the release. My only job is to let go. And let those that know better to take control of my wheel.

Let the energies flow through and and around me. Floating me with ease. I completely surrender. Knowing I did my part. I now focus on the simple, of just being me. Enjoying my time and trusting with ease.  Letting devine define its time. For when he is to be.

Justice welcomed. And its release. The door opens. For the new beginning of builidng the new.

It is time to go. Where I am going. It starts with my heart by addressing its urning.

Justification sets the path. For passion and permanance. It is time for my match.

Doing. Going. Standing up for what we believe in.

A connection of heart and of being. My intuiton is telling me the door is now open. And he is to be. For my equal is welcomed.

The offer is passion. The King appears. The end is unknow. But is welcomed without fear.



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