It is time for you to go.

You are no longer right.

You no longer have hold on me.

You are old thinking…


false truth.

That for which I belived to be true.

But is no longer.

It is time for the thoughts, beliefs and actions of truth to surface and shed light on everything that is no longer.

Thank you for coming… by more importantly thank you for going.

That old way of thinking is dark and does not represent who I am today and where I am destine to go.

My life is now only of love, light and truth and anything that is not of love, light and truth MUST GO!

In fact… I command and demand that anything that is no longer mine and not of love, light, and truth leave.

I call in LOVE to guide and fill my heart.

I call in light to consume and illuminate any darkness that is left. I am now ready to illuminate not only my life but others. It is time. I am ready. Show me the way.

And for you truth… thank you for everything you have shown and taught me… it has sculpted my entire path and I know with every fiber of by being that truth is the ultimate path to my future. I trust!


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