Seven Intents… Healing, My Way

Over the past few years my eyes have been opened to what was broken inside of me and what I needed to heal and build. Through this journey I discovered seven key intents which have become the rules of inner balance and health in my life – Love, Strength, Courage, Gratitude, Forgiveness, Trust & Truth.



For me, love of self is something I am still working on. It begins with complete self acceptance – everything I am inside and out.  I have come a long way in learning to trust, who I am and what I stand for. Standing up for myself and listening to my wants, needs and desires. Accepting my body, my skin, taking responsibility for my decisions and loving myself for making them – both good and bad. Understanding that it is a journey and that I am doing my best. Loving myself to my core.

Love is also about slowing down and living and loving every moment of your day. Taking time to be in the moment. Giving the people you love all of you in that moment, choosing them over the distractions of phone calls, texts, social, tv and emails. I will always choose to be with someone who is engaged in the conversation, collaborative, and truly focused on the interaction between us. Love is loving who you are with, what you are doing and where you are – every moment. All in.



Strength is one of the easier intents for me. I am strong. For the most part, I am fearless and not afraid of failure. I can handle a great deal of responsibility and manage it well.

My journey of self-discovery has deepened my inner strength and has helped me to see and understand what is important to me. It has sculpted my relationships, helped me to stand my ground regarding how I expect to be treated, and helped me to acknowledge when relationships were no longer in my best interest.

The further I progress on my journey the stronger I become. The demons don’t roar as long or as loud and I know that my strength allows me to continue moving forward with great determination.

I am strong.

I can.

I will.

I am.



Life can be scary, the future unknown. Having the guts to follow the path can be scary enought to make you doubt the big picture.

For me, courage is directly linked to trust. The more I trust the more courage I gain, fueling the intent of continuing on my path of awareness. This has been one of the scariest thing I’ve ever done. The process of discovery and evolution of self is all-encompassing. I have no regrets because I know I have done right by myself. I have empowered myself and that is the fuel I need to continue on. I am proud of what I have accomplished and I look forward to what I have left to uncover and develop in myself.

I am ready.

I am strong.

I am roaring.



Gratitude is one of my favorite intents. I have always been a thankful person but this process has taught me so much about the impact and power of gratitude. I realize now that the most important things to be thankful for are things I once took for granted: my children, my family, my beautiful life.

Being grateful is crucial to awareness and connectedness.  Acknowledging that there is so much beyond my world has opened my eyes and allowed me to see what’s around me. To see what is right in front of me. To see all that is in the world. Now I am grateful for not only the big things in my life, but also the little things that used to go unnoticed when I was not open.

Thank you for my beautiful children.

Thank you for my beautiful family.

Thank you for my loving friends.

Thank you for my beautiful home.

Thank you for all the signs being sent. I see. I acknowledge. I appreciate.

Thank you for my freedom.

Thank you for my Courage. Drive. Passion. Determination.

Thank you for all that I have.

My list goes on, goes into great depth and is very meaningful to me. And it always includes that I am thankful and utterly grateful for the discovery of self because that has given me, me.



For me, forgiving is letting go of anger and resentment and freeing myself from being a victim. Learning to forgive was a huge life lesson for me. I am a very understanding person but when crossed I can be fierce. I had to learn that forgiving someone doesn’t mean condoning or accepting that behavior. I learned that forgiveness is understanding that whoever hurt me was doing the best they could at that time. Not my best – their best. Forgiveness has also given me freedom. Once I forgave, released the anger and resentment, it freed me. It was a revelation that has changed me forever.



Self trust is the pearl of your deepest existence: it starts with that tiny bit of knowing and grows into a magnificent gem. Trust is one of the most spectacular force within one’s self.

Trust of self is something I continue to nurture. I know I am on a very special path, a path that I must follow. I have no choice. It’s something that rumbles deep inside of me. When I close my eyes in the midst of fear, chaos and doubt, I have trust. Trust in my path, trust in my journey. Trust that my heart knows. Trust that all will unfold as they need to, when they need to. Trust… in ME.



I am my truth. I am truthful to myself and to others. Untruths cut me deeply and I have no tolerance for them. My journey has made me even more intense in how I value truth and my role in finding my own truth. I know that I am here to make a difference. I am here to help, teach and empower.

It is my truth not to be traditional in any sense of the definition. I am me – unique and special. It is my truth to see differently and to share with the world my views, thoughts, experiences an healing. Gently. Carefully. With great respect and understanding. Always supportive, always kind.

My truth is to teach others to find, and trust, their truth.


Love, Strength, Courage, Gratitude, Forgiveness, Trust, Truth.

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