The Path

My path will be filled with successes and failures.

I accept them all as they pave my way.

My successes fuel and accelerate my journey. I am grateful and ready for more.

My failures teach me much about who I am. I am thankful for them as they teach me vital lessons.

I vow to listen to me.

The deepest part of me.

Not to be swayed by those who don’t understand or those who do not see as I do.

I vow to make me important.

I vow to be the best me.

The purest, most honest, truthful me.

I vow to be patient, understanding and supportive of me.

I vow to strive to be all that I can be.

To work for and reach every dream.

To appreciate every step and acknowledge that the path IS the experience.

When a dream comes true I vow to dream bigger.

I vow to be grateful for everything in my life.

I Vow to Love Me. Support Me. Empower Me.

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