My Pieces

Over the years parts of me died.

And other parts were given or taken.

I very willingly gave away slivers of and sometimes complete sections of my heart, my individuality, my identity, my creativity.

Then there were those that took when I was not strong enough to stand my ground and stake m claim. Over the years that included my voice, my dignity and my tenacity.

To all those that have crossed my path and have taken parts of me that do not belong to them and they should not have and do not deserve, please return them to me.

I was not aware enough before now to realize they were missing and I was not strong enough before now to demand their return.

I thank you for the lessons you have taught me. How you showed me all that I though I lacked.

I thank me for finally seeing all that I am and all that I deserve.

I willingly and freely give my love to those that deserve it and I willingly accept love from those that deserve me.

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